The Classic Game of Sweet Revenge

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I am missing my kiddos this morning…call it the first day of school blues. They are getting so old and grown up that it seems holding hands in the hallways with a third grader is embarrassing. No kissing allowed from Mom in the third grade either. *sigh* When did this happen? I still remember the first day of kindergarten when she cried and cried for me. Well, this year I was the only one crying, but thankfully my sweet boy still let me walk him all the way into his class and he gave me lots of kisses. Let those kisses never end!

I thought some reflection was appropriate today, so I am posting about our summer time fun. I’m reflecting on the time we spent together, the sleeping in and the fact that time flies. I have never wanted a pause button for life more than I do right now.

We played the game of Sorry alot–did you know that Sorry is “The Classic Game of Sweet Revenge?” Aka: Brandon and Stacy forget all strategy and ruthlessly try to knock each other out, even if it means handing the game to one of the kids!

We have this fun vintage box version, it’s the second in our collection of vintage games. Brandon has hopes and dreams of filling a shelf with every vintage version he can find.

Here are the sweetest hands and feet ever…oh how I already miss them running around the house. It’s so quiet here. And serene. And there is no fighting. No whining or constant requests for snacks. hmmm why was I crying this morning?

And finally, after weeks of defeat, victory is mine:

Welp, thanks for humoring me this morning as I wallow. I just never thought time would go so fast, even though I would be rich if I had a penny for every time a complete stranger in the grocery store would see me holding my babies on my hip and say “enjoy that, it goes so fast!”

the sad, reflective, sorry-winning Stacy

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