my birthday

Today I was given the most precious birthday gift from my family. And it came in the form of a cake.

The backstory:
My kiddos and I love the show Cake Boss…we watch it all the time, and it’s my daughter’s life-long dream to work for Buddy in New Jersey. She also recently announced that she hopes to go to New Jersey on her honeymoon, so that she can meet Buddy in person.

Anyway, fully armed with the knowledge that my daughter has gained from the Cake Boss, she decided that a Buddy-style cake was in order for my birthday. She managed to get Brandon to the craft store where they bought fondant and various decorating supplies. SIX short hours later, my birthday gift was done. They even recorded the process for me (not all six hours, thankfully!). Every moment spent on this cake is precious to me. Ready? Here is the masterpiece:

The top is formed out of “cereal treats,” covered in fondant and sprayed with edible spray paint. I. love. it.

The taste was …ahhh…well, another story. But it didn’t take away from the love that was literally poured into this process that left my husband with a whole new appreciation for our “cake shows” on TLC. He even did a “Buddy-style” interview at the end of the recording…it was hilarious.

Among my birthday presents were:
Two bags of gummy bears (from my boy)
Many hand-crafted gifts from my daughter
A sushi dinner
And a stylin’ hat from Brandon (so I will stop stealing his)

I did pick out a little something for myself with the help of Pam over at Studio RK…they sell adorable jewelry! Here’s my new necklace…my favorite part? The clasp is at the bottom-genius!

Thank you for stopping by on my birthday!
Love, Stacy

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