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Somedays when work is stressing me out, or I just get too serious & inside my own head, I take a laughter break by checking out the latest at the Cake Wrecks site. I seriously find Cake Wrecks just plain hilarious…my husband doesn’t really get it but he always knows when I have clicked on Cake Wrecks because he can he my laughter through the house. I howl. I cry. I punch the air because Brandon won’t stand next to me (after ten years, he has learned that I hit when I laugh).

I am going to introduce each cake below, but it won’t nearly be as funny as the way Jen puts it at She has a way of talking about these cakes is so witty and clever…it’s pure hilarity.

This just rocks…it’s white-out for cakes. Who would buy this?

Wedding wrecks are so sad. Here is the inspiration photo given to the baker:

And here is the wreck:

But my favorite, my absolute favorite wrecks are misspellings. I don’t know why, I just laugh the hardest over these: (I’m laughing now)

So I am going to stop here because you really need to view these at the Cake Wrecks site to get the full appreciation of the wreck. Be sure to leave Jen some comments on her website! Better yet, be sure to keep your cameras handy when you visit grocery stores and bakeries so you can send her some wrecks It is one of my life’s goals to find a wreck for her!

Jen recently published her best selling book! Check it out here: book Go Jen! You rock!

Thanks for visiting the blog today, and I hope you’ve had a laugh!

Jen: Thank you for letting me share your site here on my leetle old blog. I am so thankful for you…I am a much more relaxed & smiley person due to your writing & wrecks. You have a gift, and I am thrilled that you are sharing it!
Love, Stacy

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