.ten years.

Yesterday, B and I celebrated 10 years of marriage…I haven’t written a personal post since the blue nailpolish & wine cork episode, or the Thin Mint debacle, so I decided to write one about our day.  It was an awesome day…the best in a while…but let’s start from the beginning:

Here we are, 10 years ago…freshly married in front of the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas strip.  Oh, yes we did!

Here we are, at our actual big wedding at Anthem Country Club in Henderson, Nevada:

Here we are, two kids later, in a photo booth on two separate occasions…with no date on either set.  I think the one on the right is almost six years old, and the one on the left is about five and a half:

Here is what I woke up yesterday morning (except the wine wasn’t open…yet):

The funny thing about the nicknames on the card is that they are purely for my benefit, and nothing that Brandon ever calls me.  He calls me Stacy.  Only.  Over the course of ten years, I have pestered him for a nickname and he just hasn’t found one. I was really put out recently when we dog-sat for our friends…Roxy, the dog had three nicknames in two days:
Jenny from the block

Okay, I made up the last one..but! I am not giving up on this issue. The end.

On with the day… we stopped at TJ Maxx, where we purchased a few fun things:

And Brandon informed me that my shoes are “not gaudy by themselves.” And the yellow purse that I was drooling over is “not gaudy by itself.” But, according to Brandon & his infinite fashion wisdom, when I was walking around the store with both, the statement I was making was something like this: “oh my gosh, look at me.”
(awkward silence)

I opted for the shoes. Tip of the day: do not shop with men. Shop with women, who will enable you to make fashion statements including yellow shoes & yellow bags.

Brandon picked up this hat. He rocks it!

Next, we tried to find a place for lunch, which is never an easy task. Brandon informed me that: I used to be easy about where to eat, but in my “OLDER AGE,” I have become difficult. I began smacking him around in denial about being “older in age,” when Brandon, in his comfortable-ten-years-together-tone asked me this:

“What, you think you are getting younger?”

Wow. Tip of the day #2: questions about age are still not acceptable, even after ten years.

We stopped at Bonita Beach and caught the sunset with the iphone:

And ended things at PF Changs, my favorite restaurant. Dinner was amazing…we had Mongolian Beef with Double Pan Fried Noodles. I can’t think of anything more delicious!

So…ten years, summed up, looks like this:
A lot of love
A lot of forgiveness
A lot of laughing
Loving more than you thought possible
Letting go of more than you thought possible
Being thankful for every day

The end.

Love, Stacy (only)

ps. Brandon, I love you forever and always. Even if you never find a nickname for me.

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