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There are a few things in my life that I am slightly obsessive about…so I thought I would share it with the world on this Saturday morning.

First…it’s the wine cork collection. Usually people comment on this as soon as they enter my kitchen –the comments are always entertaining. Some people have been inspired to start their own collection (fun!) while others just say with bulging eyes “uhh…that’s a lot of wine.” I always reassure my friends that this is a ten-year old collection that was started when my hubby and I got married. That usually makes things a lot more comfortable for the guests that were concerned and making a mental note to contact the local AA chapter. Not that there aren’t a few addictions that I could use help with (mint.gum)…

1. We write on the corks to commemorate special occasions. This one says “Portland 8-25-02.” I don’t know what we were doing in Portland that day, but I am glad we can remember that once upon a time, we had little getaways. Most of the corks are in Brandon’s handwriting…and that makes me happy.

2. This is from our 7th wedding anniversary. We eloped in Vegas on November 15th, 2000.

3. This cork is from a local vineyard (well…local when we lived in Roseburg, Oregon.) We used to visit the winery from time to time.

4. This is the only red cork in the bunch. I love that is says “whoo hoo.” I can almost hear the wine rejoicing when I uncork it and it breathes. Oh wait, maybe that’s me…

5. The collection. The TEN YEAR collection.

And you can see that I put bottles to use too! In the background, you can peek at the wine bottle/vase I am using to hold some lovely flowers from Patty’s Flower Shop.

Next up:

It’s the blue nail polish. It just makes me happy to have blue toe nails. I have stained toenails from excessive amounts of blue…and it’s very disturbing because now I can pretty much ONLY wear blue. I’m not really that disturbed, but I like doing things by choice…ya know? Anyway, now that I have to wear blue, I have added to my growing collection of polish, now totaling a whopping 12 bottles. And I am not even close to being done finding new, fun shades. Just keepin’ it real!

Okay…so you might have heard about my fear of running out of thank you cards? (withoutthankyoucardsaphobia) My stack is getting low, but I have pointed out why the latest addition is my favorite…the embossing…it’s simple and lovely. I also must point out the reason I am in love with my new camera lens, the 50mm 1.4…it’s magic…it blurs out everything so beautifully except the tiny little focal point I selected. My heart sings.

Well, that is your dose of randomness from my life. I really am a grammar fanatic, but I am just not worried about whether or not randomness is a word. I am crazy like that.
Love, Stacy

ps. happy birthday to my leetle brother, Ridiculous Nicholas. I can call him that because he doesn’t read my blog and there will be no consequences.

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