keepin’ it real

It’s Friday…that means I am supposed to post about fashion but today I feel like being indulgent (I love it when Simon calls performances “indulgent” on American Idol, so I keep finding ways to work it into my regular vocabulary). So I am going to keep it real today and disclose what is torturing me lately:

Girl. Scout. Cookies. You may already have seen the hints to send help that I have been leaving on facebook and twitter, but this is getting bad. Here is my breakfast from today:

My breakfast is made up of five Samoas and the only reason I am eating them is because the Thin Mints are gone. And so are the Tagalongs. In fact, this is the last of our Girl Scout Cookie order. We have gone through five boxes of Thin Mints in a week and I use the word “we” loosely because my husband keeps coming home asking “where are the cookies?” And then something like “where are the $50 in Girl Scout Cookies that we ordered?” To which I reply with a shrug and a garbled “I don’t know” while I try to hide a mouthful of Lemon Chalet Cream.

People, I have a problem and my husband has been threatening to help in this area by buying a safe for the house so he can store his baked goods in there. I wish he would! I am home in front of the computer working most of the day and while I try to turn up Norah Jones on Pandora louder and louder, I can still hear the Thin Mints calling out to me. Sorry. But this is me, keeping it real.

Today I have a headache–it’s one of those withdrawal headaches, like you get when you don’t have a cup of coffee for two days. Only I have had coffee today. Sugar, too. What I haven’t had in two days is a Thin Mint. I know just one will cure my headache. Today I almost pulled into a Publix just hoping that some Girl Scouts were selling cookies outside…but then I reminded myself that my daughter would NOT approve if she found an illegal box of cookies here at home. They must come from her troop, I mean what kind of mother would that make me?

The cookie-cheating-kind is what!
Going to hide under a rock now…wish I had some Thin Mints to take with me.
Love, Stacy

p.s. My Mom bought me that Florida coffee mug…when I lived in Oregon. I still love it even though it makes me look like a tourist.

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