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I have blue nails and I wanted you to know. I got them nine days ago and this is how they look now:

My daughter took the pic…I know the focus is on my hand, and not my nails. But I think that’s cute. Not my hands. The fact that my daughter…oh, nevermind.

I always have blue toes, but this is the first time that I went for it on the fingernails…I usually avoid dark colors on my fingers because the polish always chips and looks bad after one day in my life, which includes constantly washing over-sized cups by hand because my husband has no mercy on me and doesn’t care if they don’t fit in the dishwasher. And hot water always made my polish peel off.

Anyway. I had a plan to photograph my nails every day for two weeks to show you just how awesome this new product called Gelish is. But I was too busy using my hands to scrub toilets, fold laundry, snap pictures of awesome peeps, edit pictures of said peeps, give my daughter pigtails every day, etc, you get the point. I love this product, and wanted to share it with you, ’cause that’s what I do!

The scoop:
Gelish is available at Studio RK, the best salon around. I think the name Gel-ish is so clever…the polish is like a gel-nail polish hybrid (if you know what gel nails are, then you understand.) This stuff cures under a UV light in no time, and when you leave the salon, you nails are dry and ready to face the world. I love Studio RK…they always having cutting edge products. Now…they also have Shellac, which you might remember my posting about. The concept is the same, but Gelish has more colors to choose from and my nails feel a bit more durable with Gelish. It’s just my humble opinion, and honestly, I love both products so much that I am happy as a little clam. A clam with blue toenails and fingernails.

Thank you, Pam for rocking my nails. I love you.

Have a great weekend, bloggers!

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