megan, class of 2010

Cape Coral High School Senior Photographer, Set Free Photography

Meet Megan…she is beautiful, graceful and thougtful. You would never know the heat and humidity she endured from looking at these photos–she handled it so well! I always love spending time with high school seniors, they remind me of good times, new beginnings and hope. Hope for the future.  (strangely, I can’t get Whitney Houston’s voice out of my head now…  “I believe the children are our future”)

Those blue eyes and ruby red lips are so gorgeous…I kept spouting off at Megan about how beautiful she is. Sorry for sounding like Rain Man, Megan. But I really couldn’t help myself!

Megans boyfriend, Robert showed up for some fun shots…here is my favorite one:

More high school seniors to come! Stay tuned…and if you know anyone from the class of 2011 that is interested in being a representive for Set Free Photography, have them email: We are currently taking applications for reps–there will be lots of perks and free stuff!


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