Chicks Dig Him! Sneak peek for one year old Benny!

Port Charlotte Photographer, Set Free Photography

One year old…such a milestone.  I love capturing one year olds…they are curious and fun…and they remind me of my babies when they were small.  After these types of sessions, I usually go home and tell my hubby that I want another baby.  He shuts me down every time.  So for now, I am happy to play with kiddos like Ben, and let me tell you:  this chick digs him!

Ben’s cheeks were killing me…so kissable!  I loved watching him stack blocks; he is a fantastic stacker.

This picture was SO worth the 1500 tries, right Jen?  I just love it.  I love it in full color and in vintage…sometimes I feel like I have split-personality disorder…I love both of these versions equally and I can’t decide between them.  It’s the same way when I decorate–am I shabby chic or modern with clean lines?  I love them both! Who AM I? I also lurve that yellow tree in the background and the bright splash of color it adds. Yes. Lurve is a term in my dictionary.

Thank you for visiting the ol’ blog today and checking out my latest sneak peek. That was fun…now I am going to attempt to kill the disturbing amount of flies that have invaded my house. Nothing makes me crazier than flies buzzing around my head. Tashia, I know you are laughing right now. Ha!


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