Wedding Wednesday: all about albums, Part 1

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There are so many wedding albums out there to choose from…it’s exciting and overwhelming to see what the album industry has to offer. For several months, I have been narrowing down the choices and ordering samples to share with you (and include in my wedding packages).

First, the Wedding Book makes it’s debut! Printed & assembled in Italy, the quality of this album is unsurpassed. The luxurious silk cover is like oh so decadent icing on a cake (I don’t why I always make food references…hmm).

The pages are rigid and the layout allows full-page spreads with no break in your photo (hooray!). This book includes 30 spreads (60 sides) and around 165 images. I must say that to truly appreciate this album, you have to feel it with your own hands!

The Coffee Table Book is a 10×10 hinged page book with 20 pages…you have seen this type of book before as a family album but I have added the element of design.

The design is subtle, elegant and matches the color scheme of Pam’s wedding. I also have coordinating accordion book templates, 5×5 book templates & cards (thank you cards, save the date cards or engagement announcements). I love to c-o-o-r-d-i-n-a-t-e!

I will have several more album options coming soon, so stay posted on Wedding Wednesdays!
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*off to eat the last of the Thin Mints**
love, Stacy

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