Skillet & Toby Mac Concert

Official Way Early Show photographers, Set Free Photography

Best. Concert. Ever. Wow. Just…wow! I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the sheer entertainment of Toby Mac and Skillet. They rocked beyond all expectations!

Part One: Meet & Greet Here’s John Cooper, lead singer for Skillet signing a guitar for Way FM. Heidi, the lead singer for the Shorts, is holding it. And check out the close up of John’s tatoo…isn’t it awesome?!  I love the constant reminder of forgiveness…where is my sharpie?

My friend, Kate also had her guitar signed…that pink guitar has quite a collection of autographs! Go Kate!

I would like to go on the record stating that John Cooper is the nicest, friendliest rock star ever! He was really outgoing and excited to meet his fans…you could feel his boundless energy!

I love this, here is a shot of Jeff Taylor, from the WAY Early Show, handing Toby Mac signed headshots of his kiddos. Everyone cracked up at the joke.

Toby Mac meets his biggest fan, Brooke (left)…she would stop at nothing to meet him!  And I love his expression as he meets one of his younger fans…what a great smile.

Toby signed lotsa stuff..shirts, posters, purses, drumsticks, cds, books:

Part Two: House of Heroes

House of Heroes opened the show! They were on and off super fast but I caught these shots:

Next, some familiar voices hit the stage…

ps. Jeff Taylor, please don’t be a diva…if you don’t like this picture, just know that I absolutely love it, I love your smile and I am not removing this, even if it’s not your “good side.” I can get away with this because I am your bff and I love ya.

Part Three: Skillet When my pals at 88.7 Way FM were talking about how Skillet was going to melt our faces off, I didn’t know they literally meant it! The pyrotechnics were ah-mazing. I had to run to the bathroom and make sure my mascara didn’t melt off. You could feel the heat clear back to the middle of Germain Arena!

Here’s John rocking out…he rocked my socks off!

John’s wife, Korey is a hardcore rocker chick…she made me want to dye my hair blue:

Some fans:

My favorite moment: Seeing Jeff take in the show with his daughter, Kate:

The faces of Skillet:

Cell phones:

More fans:

Part Four: Toby Mac

He made quite an entrance!

Then they kicked it off with Tonight–I loved that John was wearing a Toby Mac shirt! I had no idea that Toby Mac’s crew was so big! Here are a few of ’em:

Toby’s different looks for the night:

Toby went into the crowd again–I caught five cameras shooting him at once (six, if you include mine)…I know there were more that I didn’t get in the frame. That is crazy!

I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage, so much was happening all the time. The dancing was my favorite…these guys can MOVE!

At the end, the confetti hit…I have never seen so much confetti in all my life (by the way, this is the perfect example of how Brandon and I work together…he shoots the big picture, and I shoot the details…we are perfect for each other!):

It was a long night, but you know it was good when you still want more! I want more! I can’t wait for them to come back, I have got to see it all again to believe it. It was just. that. good!

Special thanks to 88.7 Way FM for the privilege of shooting such fantastic concerts. We are blessed and grateful to be a part of these special events. We love you all and are thrilled to be part of something so special. Check out 88.7 Way FM on facebook, and on Jeff and Steve would love to be your friend–don’t forget to tag yourself in the photo that Steve took of the crowd!

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