Celebrating Caleb

Naples newborn photographer, Set Free Photography

To hold Caleb was like holding a smiling little angel…he was the sleepiest, smiliest baby I have ever had the privilege of photographing.  Quite an emotional session, as you may know the story of Caleb’s mom, Kylee…she passed away the day Caleb was born.  I didn’t know what to expect when Caleb’s Dad, Matt showed up but I was so glad to be around him and learn that we share a lot of similar interests.  Matt is remarkable man, a follower of Christ, a devoted father…facing unbelievable loss and pain.  He was open and willing to talk about his beloved wife…we were thrilled when we figured out that Matt & Kylee were in Cambodia a few weeks apart from the time I was there last fall.  Matt is the father of four children, and I loved hearing stories about all of them.  The adoration he has for his kids was tangible and sweet.

To Matt:   Congratulations on the birth of your son.  He is beautiful and such a blessing…I hope to watch him grow through the years and continue photographing that smile.  My prayers are with you on this road of grieving and healing.  Thank you for the pleasure of knowing you.

The adorable hat was donated by my friend, Natalija of Daida L’Orange. She makes the most amazing hats and baby cocoons. Check her out!

Next up is my favorite…favorite, favorite, favorite:

Daddy hands are the best:

One of the many smiles we captured:

I wish I would have had the chance to know Kylee, she seems like an amazing woman and someone I really would have connected with. I am rejoicing with the knowledge that she is in heaven…celebrate her life by becoming a fan on facebook. Click here.

Special thanks to Jessica Crosson who connected me with the Boden family…I am so blessed that you thought of me to photograph Caleb, Jessica!

Thank you for stopping by my blog…and for more photos of baby Caleb, visit the Set Free fan page on facebook page by clicking here: become a fan.

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