handbags + kirsten = one awesome shoot!

High School Senior Portraits, Set Free Photography

I have dreamed of a high school senior like Kirsten…she showed up with a suitcase full of handbags, accessories and great clothes! Not only that, she’s gorgeous! I couldn’t have been more excited…it was so much fun shooting her with different handbags in each shot.

The collection:

(and she still has more at home! a girl after my own heart!) Have I ever told you that my hubby has forbidden me to buy anymore handbags? Clearly he doesn’t understand me the way Kirsten does!

One of my favorite pics from the entire shoot: Kirsten nailed the pose, the smile, the outfit…it’s all fabulous. And you now how orange makes me swoon!

Kirsten, I think you are so very beautiful! I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures for your sneak peek–there are so many great images. I loved working with you (and your purses!) I hope your senior year is blessed, and that you follow your passion for interior design!
Love, Stacy | Set Free Photography®

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