Jeremy Camp, The Afters, Chasen & Jason Gray
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I am beyond excited to share the following photos…never, in a million years did I imagine having the privilege to meet and photograph such amazing artists. I am blessed, and it still feels surreal…Jeff Taylor: thank you doesn’t cover it…but for lack of better words, THANK YOU!

The evening started with a meet & greet for some fellow WAY FM listeners…Jeff led us all into a room where Jason Gray, Chasen, The Afters and Jeremy Camp were waiting to meet us. And greet us. Brand-o and I took pics for the most part, but I jumped in line for a pic and of course an autograph:

All of the artists were super nice and easy to talk to…they were genuinely interested in meeting their fans! It was so refreshing to see humble rock stars just chatting away with strangers. This stranger may not technically be so strange…if you are a baseball fan! Here’s Justin Masterson, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, joking around with the band members of the Afters.

I thought this was awesome: a fan had her bible autographed! Such a good idea! All of the artists signed it—pictured here is the lead singer from Chasen.

Jeff Taylor (the man) with The Afters:

Jason Gray…he is really funny! Meeting him and hearing him talk about his passion for World Vision were definite highlights!

Here’s Heidi rocking out to a little Chasen! You know Heidi…she is on the Way Early Show every morning putting in her $0.02. Love you, girl!

Here’s the Afters:

Jeremy Camp takes the stage:

The crowd worships our Great God!

I never knew that Jeremy Camp played the piano so beautifully…I had to stop shooting for a minute just to enjoy this awesome worship song.

A view from the back of the church:

And finally, my favorite photo of the entire night: Jeremy sits at the edge of the stage with his Bible and shares his heart.

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