it’s wedding wednesday (hooray)!

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I am so glad it’s Wednesday because I have been dying to show these to you! Something super creative, so fresh out-of-the box that I am giddy just thinking about it! Are you ready? I hope you are sitting down…I bring you…brooch bouquets by the crazy talented Amanda Heer, of Fantasy Floral Designs:

I mean…have you ever in a million? Seen such creativity? What an awesome heirloom to someday hand down to your daughter…her “something old!” *swoon*

These gorgeous photos were taken by Alice Hu Photography…I like her style!

I seriously can’t take it…I am not getting married but I WANT one of these! Just to hold and admire and take pictures of! The color, the shine, the collaboration of these pieces all make me want to start collecting brooches. I never even thought about brooches until I found these and now I can’t stop!

Sigh. Brides today…you are so lucky.

For more information on these bouquets, visit, or call Amanda at 949-240-3571. She is located in California and has been featured in several magazines…congratulations on your success and beautiful work, Amanda!

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