in love: Braidy & Shane

I was so excited to photograph my dear friend Braidy and her (superman) long-distance love, Shane. It would be the first time I actually met Shane, since he is in Afghanistan most of the time and so we were all looking forward to a super fun, sun-drenched, nature filled session. Then it poured down rain and rescheduling was not an option. Off to the studio we went–and you know what? I could not be happier with these images! They capture the undeniable connection that Braidy and Shane share…the fun, the affection, the hot hot hotness! And best of all: I had the exquisite pleasure of seeing one of my best friends in love! xo

fav, fav, fav:

But! You must look closer…Shane has given Braidy his dog tags, and that fact makes this image even sweeter!

Oh, they worked it!

I literally can hear Braidy’s laughter when I look at this:

Braidy describes Shane’s arms in one word: “yummy.”

I love this image for so many reasons…the handholding for sure, but also because of Braidy’s ring. It’s a spoon ring that her Dad gave her Mom years (and years) ago. And this is one of the things that I love about my friend: so many of the things Braidy wears, says, does…all have special meaning. She is such a treasure to me…one of those people that just makes you feel the comfort of home as soon as you hear their voice. I love you, Braidy. Thank you for inspiring me to be better, all the time.

And to the both of you: I am thrilled that you found each other! You look perfect together and clearly make each other shine that special light of love. Shane, I can’t wait to see you again and have our on location photoshoot. You have one special girl waiting for you back home.

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