boys…brothers…I’m crazy about these two!

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My dear friend (and soon to be neighbor!), Jen and I had a fun photo shoot for her three kiddos last month…here is part one of our session: the boys.

First up is Spencer, and to know him is to fall head over heels in love with this child. Every time I see him, his laugh & infectious smile brighten my day. Spencer = prozac.

He is ticklish, which makes life around Spencer really fun.

Chase is Jen’s oldest, and he is the same age as my son. They actually have matching teeth right now. Trev and Chase are best friends and are going to be in the same class for the second year in a row.

Thank you for rocking out the smiles, Chase! And I love your moves!

Bros…love it. Jen, you dress your kids so cute, ALL the time!

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow: baby sister Quinn turned one year old!

Lots of love & affection to the T family!
Fort Myers Photographer, Set Free Photography™

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