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Introducing baby Zoe! She is breathtakingly beautiful, and so very loved by her parents, Elizabeth & Gilberto. Elizabeth said that she feels like she gave birth to an angel…and that was so dear to my heart because I have always called my daughter my angel. I was thrilled that Elizabeth purchased a hat and cocoon set from the one and only Braidy Joy! The colors were stunning and her handiwork: perfection!

Baby Zoe was peacefully sleeping and as I watched her from behind my lens, I almost jumped for joy when she went from this:

to this. It was in the blink of an eye…and I caught it just in time. Babies really do smile, don’t they?

See the vintage shirt that Zoe is wearing here? Well, when I say vintage, I mean the real deal…this was worn by Zoe’s Daddy. His Mom saved it after all these years. Since 1979, to be exact. I love, love, love that they brought this to be included in our session…I hope Zoe saves it for her baby someday!

Safe. In Daddy’s arms. I love the peaceful look on Zoe’s face and how her little fingers are showing.

Congratulations, Elizabeth & Gilberto. I loved meeting Zoe and having her be the very first newborn photographed in our studio. She really is angel. God Bless your family!

Stacy | Set Free Photography ®

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