the other side of the lens

It’s not my favorite place to be. I admit, I am a nightmare to photograph and my husband will be the first to agree. I am beyond critical of the angle from which my photo is taken…I tend to look really, really strange if I am looking & smiling a certain way that closes one eye more than the other. Unfortunately for Brandon (us), I needed a headshot for my networking group…so the photoshoot began:

My feeling on the whole headshot thing:

I would really rather submit a photo with a natural expression like this:

Or this:
(don’t look at it too long)

Then I decided to try a different shirt…and I didn’t end up loving it, but here are some out-takes for your entertainment.

Yes, I photoshopped myself, why do you ask?

After about 100 shots and a wrestling match between my husband and me (and not the cute, flirty type), here is the final product:

only I didn’t take my own advice to wear long sleeves so I threw some on digitally. Have I mentioned how much fun it is to digitally dress myself?

so here is the final, final product:

And what I’ve learned from this experience is not profound or anything remotely reflective on my personality or approach to having my photograph taken. It’s this: I have really white teeth. No photoshopping required on those babies!

Anyone need a headshot? We can wrestle until we get it right. That’s how committed I am.

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