The blog: Weekend Edition, Part 1

All photos within this post were taken using my iphone. I don’t even claim to know how to properly use the thing, as my thumb can be found in 50% of the pictures taken with it…thankfully, I salvaged the following to share with you!

Okay, here we go…
On our way home from Maine, we stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with our new pals, Jay & Silva. We love them. They suggested that we stop for lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery. Here they are with Brandon:

At the brewery, I enjoyed the best cup of clam chowder I have ever had. Ever.

I had never been to New Hampshire and found Portsmouth charming! The signs on either side of the door say: “Portsmouth 1817.” Old cities thrill me, as I am seriously lacking history here. I think my town was founded last year.

We happened to be there when these “tall ships” were also there, drawing quite a crowd! Here is one of a few that we saw:

Near the tall ships, we encountered these enormous piles of steel (try to ignore my thumb at the top of the photo):

I found an explanation for the enormous pile!

I was excited to find explanations for the piles…and not sure how I feel about our garbage being shipped off to Europe. It’s just kind of disconcerting. We saw things like refrigerators, weed eaters and tire rims among the piles…strange to see where that stuff ends up.

And your final bit of trivia for the day:
New Hampshire is known as “The Granite State.” They even make their curbs out of granite!

Stay tuned for the Weekend Edition, Part 2: Boston!

p.s. Jay and Silva, thanks for the ride and for being so kind to us. We hope to see you again soon and explore Boston with you! You two are fabulous.
p.p.s. Please forgive me for that blurry photo of you guys. I think I was a little distracted eating the best chowder of my life.

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