Sara the Great

Fort Myers Photographer, Set Free Photography

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.” …that’s what Sara said when we first talked about taking pictures for a comp card to send off to modeling agencies. I was so thrilled when we met, and really…she had to convince me that she hadn’t done this before. What a natural in front of the camera. Sara girl, you have the “it” factor. Like, times 10!

Isn’t she stunning? Yes, her legs are incredibly long and beautiful. They belong on a runway.

So…I went out and bought a pair of sunglasses like this after our shoot. Because I want to look that fierce!

Finally, an athletic look…this is natural for Sara who is an athlete among other things. Other things like: rockstar!

Thank you so much for being a photographer’s dream, Sara. I know you will go far with your talent in front of the camera!

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