Bryce is one!

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It hardly seems possible, but a year has already passed and baby Bryce is a walking, talking one year old! Thankfully, Bryce and I have been on many sushi lunch dates this year, so I have watched him grow and had my baby fix fulfilled every few weeks…thank you, Bryce! I needed that!

Bryce is the cutest Boston fan ever…I was super happy to incorporate the Red Sox in our session. Great find on the letter B, Tara! I love the dual meaning of it!
ps. I almost trashed the photo on the right because the focus wasn’t on the B…BUT then I realized that the focal point is right where it should be: in Bryce’s trademark hair do! Yes!

Bryce was on the move…I love this image depicting his determination (to crawl away from us and explore!)…and I find his cheeks irresistible. And ooooh those ruby red lips!

The plan is to have Bryce wear Daddy’s jersey every year to mark the progress of his growth. I can feel the tears welling up as I realize that someday this jersey will actually fit him!

Bryce is stylin’ in this most adorable hat! And those two bottom teeth are more than I can handle…seriously, I can’t take it. He is too adorable for words!

One word: orange! I love the color orange with denim…it really pops in pictures! Tara, your wardrobe selections are awesomeperfectamazingiloveit. Thank you. For totally rocking the orange.

It wouldn’t be a family picture without Abbey & Bode, two of the sweetest dogs I know!

Happy happy family:

Happy 1st birthday, Bryce! I am so happy to have you in my life! I love you!

Tara & Geoff: Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with me…and Abbey & Bode too! I had so much fun on our shoot and I am just beyond blessed to know you. I will never forget that phone call and the tears of joy that poured down my face for your family one year ago…it has been such a pleasure to be a part of Bryce’s first year. Thank you for being wonderful friends and encouragers to Set Free!

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