{random Tuesday}

I was helping my Mom upload some photos from her camera the other day when I stumbled across this gem:

This is my favorite photo of us for so many reasons…mostly, it’s the pure candid nature of our expressions that makes me love it. Also, it reminds me of how Brandon just cracks me up, and how comfortable we are with each other. Finally, it makes me think of love. Love, love, love.

Then I get all reflective and think that this is the style of photography that I strive to achieve, but is so difficult to “direct.” I am always thrilled when I photograph people that act naturally and allow these moments to unfold during a session.

My final thought: this photo deserves a title! I think that I will name it “captured” because that is exactly what happened…my Mom captured a moment in time that just happened, that actually happens a lot…but is so rarely caught!

Next on my random post, a photo called: Praise

She is full of praise, song and dance. She truly has the gift of worship and was recently asked to help lead worship at church. (tears a-flowin’)

My final photo (and if this isn’t random, I don’t know what is!):
My basil plant. It is special because Tashia bought it for me during her visit and it has nearly tripled in size. I wanted her to see it. This photo is entitled: “Thriving”

So far, I have chopped up some of the leaves for lasagna but pesto is next on the list!

There ya have it, a few photos and stories from my life. Now, please excuse me while I go watch American Idol and silently thank the inventors of the dvr. I don’t even know what commercials are anymore.

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