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While my friend, Miss Aliss, was here, we made matching bracelets:

We had extra flower charms, so I threw one on this chain that I love. (it’s from Cookie Lee, it doesn’t tarnish and it is adjustable. I wear it with every charm I own. I have never been to a Cookie Lee party…I got it on ebay. Don’t tell Cookie Lee.)

I can’t wait to wear the combo with my skirt that was sold as a shirt:

My daughter/professional color consultant pointed out that a few brown beads would have really pulled it all together. (sigh.) She is going to be so much better than me.

Oh, and here what Miss Aliss looks like for all inquiring minds that want to know (she’s a beauty):

Next, we found these fabulous pendants at Michael’s on clearance for $1.99 (yep, same chain):

Totally reminds me of this bag that I tote around from the Gap:

I just realized how predictable I am. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing…

Our last purchase was over at Kohl’s…more clearance. Picked these up for $3.20:

These are a little out of my comfort zone but I like how they can pair with a tank top and dress things right up! My hubby is not a fan of this necklace. Come to think of it, he isn’t a fan of any chunky jewelry. Good thing he isn’t wearing it!

Miss Aliss went home to pack up her life and move from Kansas City back to Oregon…and I still had the jewelry-making itch. So I made this with some beads that I bought a while back (can I just say that it is extremely easy to string beads on some elastic…and the immediate gratification gives one such a feeling of accomplishment!):

Sadly, Brandon is not a fan of this one either. I wish you could see his face of disgust…but it’s not enough to keep this off of my wrist!

And to end my week-long jewelry obsession, I bring you this:

It’s my favorite. It’s from Kohl’s. It was missing a bead so I got 10% off. And Brandon likes it! *applause*

Thank you for reading my random post. Tomorrow I will get back to something that relates to photography. Promise.

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