Landis & Andrew are engaged!

I love it when couples persevere and are able to just “go with it.” Landis and Andrew are the perfect example of this–as soon as we started shooting, it began to rain. In most cases, I would have packed up and rescheduled, but not with these two! It was so refreshing to see them decide to carry on, enjoy themselves and not let a few raindrops ruin their shoot. I wish I could say that I was as cool and collected as Landis…but the truth is, in her shoes, I would have panicked about my hair and ran for the car! Andrew, you snagged a really amazing girl!

Ducks are their “thing,” so naturally we had to include a duck in the engagement session!  It’s random and I love it.Landis, your beauty and grace are truly breathtaking…and Andrew!  I love how much you make her laugh.  You two are perfect together.

This is one wedding that I can’t wait to photograph! Thank you for being AWESOME, Andrew & Landis. You are inspiring!
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