going green

I am officially one of those people that takes their own bags to the grocery store. I don’t know what took us so long to purchase these handy bags–they are only 99 cents, and they eliminate waste! What a no-brianer! I have two so far…one is beige, the other is right here:

I really want a green one, too. Green is my favorite color. SO, back to being GREEN, I encourage you to buy these! I am so relieved that I don’t have to save up my plastic bags and then forget to take them to the recycle bin at Publix every time I go shopping! It’s very freeing not to have wads of bags around the house because I never could find a place for the growing mass.

I do have one complaint…I wish the bags weren’t branded because I really want to take this to Walmart. Why didn’t I buy Walmart bags? The Wal-mart bags are $1.50. Gasp! Publix actually has a less expensive item. I am still recovering from the shock.

ps. This post is dedicated to my friend, Julie. The earth saver. And my (only) faithful reader. Thanks for wanting more posts, Julie!

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