Class of 2011 makes their debut, featuring Taylor!

High School Senior Photographer, Set Free Photography

Taylor was my first senior for the upcoming school year, and what fun we had! We wandered around downtown Ft. Myers and found some great spots…like this abandoned building! Half of it has been torn down, leaving a super cool spot for pictures…I love the rugged feel of this wall!

She is such a natural beauty, full of great smiles…Taylor: you rock! I love your easy going personality and I just want to know you more! I know that God has great things in store for you!

I couldn’t stop laughing when Taylor broke out these animated facial expressions! Priceless! We found a couch sitting outside some apartments…the “no trespassing” sign was all I needed; I was inspired. To have my girl trespass. But it was worth it! Downtown Ft. Myers can be so random, I love finding new things every time I shoot there!

Thank you for a fantastic session, Taylor & Sue. I loved spending time with you and I sure hope that Subway got the AC working! Phew, that was hot!
Love, Stacy

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