and baby makes…five!

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The D family welcomed baby Liam this month and he is 100% perfection! So utterly handsome and full of life with his chubby cheeks and full head of hair! You might remember his family’s photo shoot, blogged here: D family. I was beside myself with excitement when I heard that Liam weighed in 9lbs, 10 oz…I LOVE a newborn with chunky, rubberband wrists!

Oh, and can I just say that I was also thrilled to shoot at Liam’s house? His mom & dad are great artists, and I was inspired as soon as I saw the decor in there! Wahoo for yellow walls! (I really hope this color displays properly on your screen…it looks fab on mine but yellow is kinda tricky from screen to screen)

In keeping with the maternity/family photo shoot style, I went for a vintage vibe and whipped up some digital polaroids. *loving it*

Sharayah and Kyle: Congratulations to you and the girls! Liam was such a joy to photograph, I am so very thankful to be included in this special time in your lives! I am looking forward to watching Liam grow!

Thanks for reading the blog today, I am so glad you stopped by this Saturday! By the the way, you might have noticed the new “DO NOT COPY” verbage on my pictures…this is for the protection my clients, their families, and my work. If you would like to show ideas to someone, I don’t mind at all if you post my blog link on facebook or elsewhere!

Love, Stacy
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