Cake Pops

If you are wondering where I have been, the answer is: in a sugar coma.

While Tashia was in town, we tried our hand at the ever-famous cake pops by Bakerella. She is a genius and makes these look easy! After some trial & error, we got into a groove and created a few different types of “pops.” Mind you, we had lots of little helpers, and Tash even coated & sprinkled the pops with her 11 month old daughter on her hip! We are multi-taskers, I tell ya!

Here we have mini cupcakes:

The famous cake pop:

Tashia’s bite:

Cupcake pops:

My favorite combo:

The pops that I sent to school with my son for his fifth birthday (today!):

For step by step instructions, visit And don’t be intimidated by her masterpieces…you can do this! It’s fun! Just keep looking at my photos and know that if we can do it, you can do it. I should let you know up front: I will NOT be attempting the Easter themed bunnies, eggs, lambs or chicks. Those are way out of my league…but oh, so fun to look at!

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