{attention to detail}

When I stood outside in my pjs snapping this photo, I was focusing on the sunlight–mostly the direction of it in relation to where I held the flower. I love morning light–it feels so fresh and renewing…it’s my favorite time to shoot. But it wasn’t until a few days later that I gained full appreciation for what I was photographing. While looking at this photo on my computer screen, it occured to me that God, creator of every living thing, takes the time to precisely craft each flower in detail. The shape of each petal, the perfect circle, the rich color. Then I think of all of the different colors of daisies that exist…and then the hundreds of varieties of flowers out there–and remember that God created them all!

How much more then, does God pay attention to the details of His children? To know that He loves me that much is more than sufficient for me!

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