A Profound Moment

How do YOU like your eggs?

Wait! Think about this question v-e-r-y carefully and let us remember the plight of Maggie Carpenter, played by Julia Roberts in one of my all time favorite movies ever: Runaway Bride.

Maggie has been the subject of a journalist’s criticsm & ridicule for leaving three men at the alter, and is on the verge of her fourth attempt.

As Ike, the journalist (played by Richard Gere), interviews all of Maggie’s ex-boyfriends, there is one common and final question he asks them each: “how does she like her eggs?” They all answer this way: “Same as me, fried/poached/scrambled with dill.” Mind you, Ike is falling for Maggie and recongnizes this pattern of her ‘loss of self’ in each relationship…not just in eggs, but in her constantly changing interests. In a heated discussion, he informs her of this profound conclusion:

“You are so lost, you don’t even know what kind of eggs you like!”

At the end of the movie, after leaving Ike at the alter, Maggie sees the truth in Ike’s observation and finds herself. She makes eggs in every possible way, lines them up and eats them with her left hand, because she is left-handed and I just love that about her. She’s so quirky. Anyway, when she goes to get Ike back, along with giving him her dirty old running shoes (be still my beating heart, that is romantic!), she tells him about her choice of eggs.

“Scrambled,” she says. “I hate all the other kinds of eggs.”

And this, my friends is sheer genius. She has found out who she is, what kind of eggs she likes, and thankfully she doesn’t have to hike up Mt. Annapurna on her honeymoon, as planned with fiance #4. (“It’s….tall.” -Maggie Carpenter)

I didn’t know what kind of eggs I liked until after I was married for a few years. For years prior, I had lost myself in relationships, just like Maggie. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin, to accept myself and to know that I am free to be me. And guess what?! Sometimes my hubby and I will sit down for breakfast with eggs cooked in two different ways…and it doesn’t mean that we aren’t perfect for each other!

Now…how do you like your eggs? Didn’t know that was such a complex question, did ya?

For your entertainment, here is the link to the Runaway Bride official trailer over on youtube. “A girl can’t get married in flannel!”

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