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Honored and privileged just barely scratches the surface of how I felt after my shoot with The Way Early Show’s Jeff Taylor and Intern Joy. Their chemistry is awesome, and they were so fun to be around that I didn’t even feel like I was working. At all.

I was thrilled to meet Joy for the first time and I have to admit: I have a crush on her! She has such a natural talent for radio, that I am literally in awe! God has blessed her tremendously, and to top it off, she is fun, sweet and super easy to be around.

Then there is Jeff, the diva. Actually, he was’t that bad this time around! Only a few requests for his good side…and he even carried my camera bag around. I think he is trying to turn his image around.

These are two of my favorite images from the shoot. Joy just looks stunning, and Jeff’s smile is real. I know this because I know him, and when I called him out on trying to flash a fake smile, he started laughing. One of the great things about photographing your friends: the ability to detect fake smiles.

I was so impressed with how comfortable these two were in front of the camera:

I was trying to not make Jeff & Joy look too much like a couple, which was kinda challenging for me, since that’s the opposite of what I usually do…I mentioned this to while taking the following shot:

And immediately afterward, Jeff yelled to all of downtown Fort Myers: “We’re engaged!” Joy started freaking out, and Jeff started applauding, but not after one more outburst: “She said yes!” I still find this whole scene endlessly entertaining. This image is an outtake, but I have to show you the way it looked:

I am still laughing.

Next, we had some fun with a jump shot, and I love these expressions:

And finally, a photoshoot of our two favorite radio show hosts just wouldn’t be complete without a picture of them doing what they do:

That was fun. fun, fun, fun. Jeff & Joy, thank you for being so easy to photograph & laugh with. I loved taking your pictures!

If you don’t already listen to WAY FM, be sure to check out Jeff & Intern Joy on 88.7 WAY FM in the mornings. They are always keepin’ in real and I love doing life with them each morning. I look forward to getting to know Joy more and have no doubt that she will rock your world with her awesomeness. As for Jeff…well, I have wanted to say this for a while: he gets some flack sometimes and that comes with the territory of hosting a radio show, I get that…but I want the world to know that Jeff is one of the best examples of Christ in my life. He is someone that would lay down his life for another in a heartbeat. He is someone that I entrust frequently entrust my children to. He is someone that is honest, caring and extremely thoughtful of others. And, on occasion, he is somewhat of a diva.

Jeff & Joy: I love you!
Much affection,

ps. this is a late night post, so if you find grammatical errors or misspellings, please let me know. My cheeks will flame red, but I will be forever grateful for you. thank you. and gooodnight!

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