Skillet, Disciple, Manafest & We As Human! The amazing concert brought to SW Florida by 88.7 Way FM

Fort Myers Photographer, Set Free Photography

It is always such a thrill to photograph concerts for 88.7 Way FM! We started out at the Q & A, and let me tell you…there is never a dull moment when Skillet is around!

Jeff Taylor’s amazing kiddos (that I’m sure you have heard all about on The Way Early Show) were privy to a private question and answer…they were prepared with a list of questions. I don’t know who I had more fun watching…Tommy & Kate or their parents! I love you, Jeff & Larisa!

Next was the Meet & Greet, where we watched as Way FM supporters met Skillet with stars in their eyes. Here is one of my favorite shots; it is my friend Alyssa (you might remember her photo shoot with the drumset!) getting her shirt signed by her favorite drummer: the very beautiful Jen Ledger.

And here is Alyssa with her family…shout out to Carmin! You guys r-o-c-k!

These are the kindest artists around..they autographed cds, posters, and were genuinely glad that the fans came to meet them. I think I smiled the entire time I was shooting!

Now we have some of my favorite peeps ever! Here’s Tommy and Kate posing with the incredibly talented and utterly gorgeous Joy Summers from 88.7 Way FM’s Way Early Show:

I love this…here are some fans posing with Jeff and Joy’s cardboard cutouts:

Jeff was excited to meet a fan with a cardboard sign of his own. This was definitely one of the highlights of my night!

It was really fun watching Joy give hugs and autographs…she really loves what she does!

And the concert begins! Kicking things off: We As Human!

Next up: Manafest!

And Disciple!!

Here’s a shot of the crowd, featuring my friend Brooke! Holla, girl!

And finally, Skillet hit the stage! I love these shots of John and his wife, Korey:

When they played Monster, it was seriously mind-blowing! Skillet sounds amazing live, and their stage is so full of energy and intensity that my face was melted off.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! And please allow me to say: there is no amount of gratitude that would ever be sufficient for Jeff Taylor and 88.7 Way FM graciously hiring Set Free Photography to photograph their fans and the amazing artists that they bring to town. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and are honored to be considered the official photographers of the Way Early Show. You guys are our family and we love you dearly! Thank you for your hard work, your community outreach, and for making SW Florida and awesome place to live!

Brandon & Stacy
Fort Myers Photographers, Set Free Photography

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