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It’s been a while since I posted anything personal…I figured now was a good time to share since we have done something new here in the Sullivan household. It all started out with the 5th grade science fair project; Trinity decided to find out if music helps plants grow. We picked up 7 tiny little tomato plants and she did her thing:

She faithfully played music to her plants, watered & measured them on the scheduled days, and recorded all of the data so very carefully. Her commitment was impressive, I have to say.

The plants grew right before our eyes, and it all seemed very miraculous! Sadly, after the science project was over, Trinity ditched her precious little project. She had no interest in tomatoes, as it turns out. I told her that I would gladly take over, as I was getting excited to grow our very own tomatoes.

Then, the girl tried to charge me an adoption fee.

Then, I had to re-pot the tomatoes 3 times because they outgrew their pots every other day.

Then, I had to battle pesky aphids that were trying to kill my precious plants.

Then, my husband said it was “him or the tomatoes,” after 159 trips to Home Depot for soil, pots, and more soil and larger pots.

Then, I banned my husband from eating any of the salsa I was dreaming of making.

Then, I forgot to take any more pictures of the darn plants (in their vast wardrobe of pots) until today!

Finally, on this sweet May day, after this 3 month learning curve, we brought in a partial harvest of 4 perfect tomatoes.

I am off to make salsa! And I am not sharing.

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