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chia seed discovery

Okay, so I may be a little slow on the uptake here, but while sprinkling some chia seeds onto my salad last night, it occurred to me that the name chia was familiar. As in: ch-ch-chia. And then it dawned on me: could these seeds that we have recently incorporated into our diet be the very same that chia pets are made of? I admit, I have never grown a chia pet, but these seeds were familiar from all those commercials:

chia seeds

After a quick google search, it was confirmed: I eat chia pet seeds.

chia pet

Turns out, these tiny little seeds have some awesome health benefits and are tasteless so they can be thrown into all kinds of meals, salads-even scrambled eggs! They are full of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. Get some!

Some of my googling has caused the realization that most of you probably already know this, but it’s news to me! As a self proclaimed foodie, these are the things I am compelled to blog about. Well this and my favorite ice cream flavors…you’re welcome!

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