Katie & Chase: engaged

I am officially in love with Katie & Chase. I am still dreaming about Katie’s dress and I have to give a shout out to Chase for his handiwork with a screw gun. Um, wow! You made that look easy!

Possibly my two favorite pictures ever:

I love being around these two! So much laughter and love!

Katie, you are stunning. Your smile is beautiful and full of light…I swoon.

These two were not afraid to dance in the street…yes, I was more than a little excited about it!

Katie is a dancer and Chase a hockey player…so we incorporated their interests, which I l-o-v-e! That was meant to be read with a sing-song sound! L-o-v-e-!

To learn about Katie & Chase’s perfect proposal experience, click here…they won!

Katie and Chase: Thank you for an awesome engagement session…the wedding is going to be such an amazing, unforgettable celebration. I look forward to every step of the way!
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