Kasey: High School Senior class of 2014

Kasey…leaves me speechless with her style, beauty and grace. All I could do during our shoot was scream and squeal and clap my hands in excitement. True story!

Styling by Along Came Stephanie and furniture rentals by Alter Elements were the perfect touches to an incredibly fun shoot that left me inspired and energized…and wanting to run out and by red lipstick!We are still dying over her shoes.  Still.In these eyes, I found hope for the future.  I can’t explain it, but it’s what I saw, plain as day.I would like to go shopping in Kasey’s closet…she chose such perfect clothing and colors for her shoot.  I love everything down to the accessories.This image *might* be my favorite:When Kasey changed into this Anthropologie dress, I might have lost consciousness for a few seconds as I swooned and my whole body tingled from utter fabulousness.  <–it’s a word!This is when the (my) screaming really began…Kasey just rocked my socks.  She was elegant, confident, and beautiful down to her soul.  She could smile and laugh and then become thoughtful with ease – it was such a joy to be around someone so natural and comfortable in their own skin.I asked if her ring had meaning, and she explained that it is a purity ring.  I love that she wears it, and I look forward to my daughter wearing one, too.These last two images make my mother’s heart feel sad that she will be spreading her wings and leaving the nest, but also refreshed to know that Kasey will be influencing others for good, as she aspires to be a teacher.  She will be a blessing in many lives!

Thank you, Kasey & Kelly for the opportunity to spend time with you and capture these precious memories.  I hope you always look back on these images with joy and fulness in your heart.  You have filled mine!
Fort Myers Photographer, Set Free Photography™

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