what I was up to in California

I photographed and staged cake pops for “Just a Bite Cake Pops” in many colors, flavors and themes.

My favorite tasting pop is a tie between carrot cake and chocolate with toasted coconut:

My favorite looking pop:

My favorite presentation of a pop:

My favorite presentation of a pop top (another tie):

…and a few more

I had a wonderful time working with (eating) these beautiful desserts. The colors and textures were inspiring, and the ideas were endless for presenting the cake pop in all kinds of settings–holiday, birthday, bridal, etc. My very favorite photo was of the “cake pop tops” at the beginning of the post. The rainbow (aka ROYGBIV…right, Mindy?) was inspired by my daughter, whose rainbows are always technically correct!

If you are looking for a fun and different gift or treat for any occasion, the cake pop is the way to go! Mindy ships anywhere! Her website is: Go there now by clicking here.

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