Wedding Wednesday is back!

focus on: Cupcakes!

If you haven’t noticed yet, cupcakes are all the rage these days, especially for weddings. I’m not talking about any old cupcakes made from a box and slathered with frosting…I am talking about couture cupcakes–works of art that are hand-crafted by gourmet bakers/artists. Today I bring you a sampling from around the world. Be prepared to be amazed.

First up: Sugarbloom Cupcakes!

Are you in love yet? Sugarbloom is owned by Bev, and located in Perth, Australia. I found her on flickr–I saw a thumbnail of that very first photo above and was instantly intrigued…I got lost browsing her stream. I mean, did you see that black bow and rhinestone buckle? Wow! I will say it again…wow!!

Just look at these fabulous floral designs:

Bev is an amazing inspiration for new concepts and super creative ideas…check out her delicious looking “tall” cupcake:

And for the bride & groom that still want to cut the cake, Bev has you covered:

To view more of Bev’s beautiful work, check out her website here:

Thank you, Bev for allowing me to show off your work! 🙂

Next, we travel to Durban, South Africa where the lovely Zahirah is creating gorgeous cupcakes in all of my favorite colors!

Ms. Z’s company is called cupcake d’lights and they truly are a delight to look at…I can only imagine how delicious they taste! Her style is whimsical and feminine…she even does shabby chic!

I can imagine how thrilled the bride was that ordered these:

(I wonder if they looked even better than the actual bouquets?!)

Here is a great centerpiece idea:

And a nice, classic design:

You can view more of this edible art here:

Thank you, Zahirah for your permission to post your photos on my blog!

Thank you for reading my Wedding Wednesday post. I hope to have brought you some great ideas and inspiration from these talented artists!

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