The Furious Five

Okay, so I have Kung-Fu Panda on the brain. The following five are not furious. More like fabulous:

Or should we just call this AWESOMENESS? (there is no charge!)

Okay, okay…no more Kung Fu.

Let’s get serious. Haagen Dazs, you rock my world with your new branding, your lack of preservatives & high fructose corn syrup. This whole “five” thing really caught my eye in frozen foods. Look at the simplicity. The two precious little coffee beans, and the list of ingredients. I love everything about this:

There is no better ice cream than this. None! I have tested the waters, and this is the. best. ever. Best texture, flavor, consistency, best ingredients, best everything. Unless you are pregnant and all your diet consists of is Cherry Garcia flavor from Ben & Jerry’s. (sorry, Haagen Dazs…but it was only nine months, and then I came crawling back.) Call me crazy, but I feel so much better about ridiculous amounts of ice cream when I can pronounce everything on the ingredient list!

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